3 modules

3 types of turning tables and

countless options to get pictures of

your products!

360 photos can be made on tables which can take the weight of 13,6 kg, 60 kg or 125 kg products. The size, weight and physical appearance of your products give us the base for a precize inquiry. In case of a bigger quantity we’ll give you a discount. For those partners who have annual agreements, they can receive additional discounts.

Still photoshoots are also available. We do not advise using manikins for dresses, because they do not enhance the true characteristics of the dresses. For the better user experience and exclusive appearance we suggest models. For these type of product photos we can provide 360 photos, 10-15 sec long videos or still photos. If needed, we can provide models depending on gender, age and size.

Choose your picture taking options

  1. Send us your products with a delivery company or ask us

Advised if the weight of the products is less than 5 and you have more than 20 products. If you wish to use this service, please check and verify the details with us.

  1. Take your products to us – Budapest (Always verify the date and your needs beforehand)

We take still and 360 photos of dresses on models and products in 0-145 kg range. In case of dress collections, we can also make 10-15 sec long videos of the products.

  1. We take photos at your place (Please contact us if you wish to have this service)

For bigger sizes and quantities we take photos at your place, office or we provide a place in the neighborhood.