Frequently Asked Questions

Let us show you the answers!

However every project has its own methods,
we’ve collected the most frequently asked
questions of our customers.

How many pictures does a 360 photo have?

You can choose to have 8, 16, 24, 36 and 72 pictures, however typical 360 photos usually have 36 photos. Having 72 photos makes it easier to have a smooth and detailed experience. The number depends on the demand and IT infrastructure of the customer.

Which file formats can I choose from?

Our customers can choose from RAW, TIF, JPEG or GIF file formats. It is necessary to provide information about the desired file type before placing the order.

Which video file formats can I choose from?

Depending on the demand of our customer, we can provide MPEG-4 videos or animated GIFs, if necessary. Videos made this way will have a constant moving feature.

How much time does a usual project take?

The time needed is different for each and every project. It depends on the size, weight, nature, features and number of the product. The exact delivery date will be calculated by our team according to the details.

Is it possible to take still photos too?

Yes, our studio is equipped to take professional, high resolution product photos.

Can I choose the resolution?

We always size the product photos according to the need of our clients. Depending on the server and website of the customer, we advise 1000-1500 px wide pictures or FullHD (1920x1080px) resolution. The originals are more that 6000 px wide, which we can also give to the client, if needed.

How can I make sure that my product is safe?

The safety of your product is the most important for us. Not only our colleagues are extra cautious, but we also have liability and property insurance. In special cases, we can also amend your contract (if that’s the case, contact our team).

What do I need to do with my website for 360 photos to work?

It depends on your website and the CMS you use. Usually it only takes a modul or plugin, but in some cases it needs to be implemented with a help of a developer.

How to order

  1. Choose the package(s) of your choice
  2. We’ll contact you with the details and confirm the price and parameters.
  3. After the confirmation, the products are sent to Szeged
  4. When the products arrive, the pictures are taken (contacting the client if necessary)
  5. The prepared pictures are uploaded to the online platform for the client (It can either be approved or commented).
  6. If they are accepted: invoices prepared, pictures donwloaded, products are sent back.