Our garage story

We’ve been in the visual industry for years. For the past few years more and more of our clients wants to appear in the online world.

2016 It was a sunny afternoon in the spring of 2016 when my son-in-law appeared in my living room with a big device in his hand. Without further comments, he borrowed my Canon camera, cleared the dining table, installed the device and put a Thomas the Tank Engine and started our first turning, automatizedtable.

That’s how it all started

Today we have 3 professional, automatized turning tables with softwares, cameras, lighting devices, background walls and camcorders. With equipments like these we can provide the best service possible in Hungary even at your place.

Our partners include factories, online and offline distributors and we also have our first restaurants. We aim for diverse visual appearance, reducing the churn rate of your customers. We thrive to give the best user experience possible, bringing the product and company closer to the customers.

We really hope that you find the package which fits you the best. If you have any questions, please contact us. We hope to see you soon as one of our newest partners.


Endre Fleisz


Introduce your product

  • Still photos
  • 360 photos
  • Product video
  • Dresses on manikins and models
  • 360 photos with manikins and models
  • 10-15 sec product videos
  • 3 different types of turning tables
  • In our studio (or in Budapest) or at your place

Introduce your company

  • 10-20 sec digital moving ad
  • With image movie 60-90 sec long – or with desired length
  • 2-3 min movies for company or service introduction
  • Professional summaries of events
  • Trailers for events and happenings 1-3 min long
  • Recording with drones